If you want to obtain some genuine learning experience from capable teachers and leaders, you need to check out Biblical Training which is provided by their site at no charge to you, unless you want to earn CEU credits.  You might also be asked for a donation.  But the training is by qualified leaders and teachers. To translate to your language open the page you want to study, copy and paste the URL into the Google Translate box. Set your output language. Click on Translate.

I’ve been scouring the internet looking for helpful sources that will assist anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge of the four phases of study we promote on our sites. These phases include, Word, Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship. By taking advantage of the information below you will have sufficient materials to help you to become a scholar “prepared for every good work.” In addition, you can take the site address, paste it into the Google Translator and you have the possibility of translating the site along with its information into your own language. Or if you have Chrome installed, you will have the capability already within your browser. In respect for the time element involved, I have tried to make this as user friendly as possible. Just click on the site or copy and paste the address into your browser. All of the pages in the suite have a translator installed for ease of accessibility.

One problem you may encounter is opening PDF pages in your own language. To overcome that error copy the document or portions of the document into the Google translator. Sometimes a PDF cannot be opened so that you can translate. It may be possible to save the file to your computer in a different format. Sometimes this is possible. Then the newly saved file can be copied into the translator.


Bible Passage
Sermon Central
Bible Research
Ephesians Themes
Romans-Greatest Letter Ever Written
Through The Bible Resources
Easy English Book List
World’s Greatest Library
Biblical Research Information
Strong’s Definition of Theology
Quartz Hill Online Courses

Complete Works of C. G. Finney
C.G. Finney

Gutenberg Catalog

Online Books-Authors

Online Books-Specialty-Archives

GROWING COLLECTION OF BOOKS — includes devotionals, biographies, and true-to-life stories, mostly written during the latter 19th and early 20th centuries.
Timeless Truths Library

YOU MAYBE INTERESTED — in online information about Noah’s Ark. You can find it here:
Sacred Relics-Noah’s Ark

ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF BOOKS: The address below takes you to the “A” page in the alphabetical index of books. You can continue throughout the alphabetical index from here.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA — in various formats. Some will require that you remain on-line to read, others you may download to your computer for free. Still others require a purchase price for downloading.
Digital Book Index-Religion

BIBLES — that you can download or use for searching:
Digital Book Index-Bible

GREEK NEW TESTAMENT — Copy of the Greek NT – must have Unicode installed on your computer to be able to view:
Greek New Testament

UNICODE — For Unicode information go to this website:
Unicode Information

Digital Book Index-Religious Literature

Public Domain Books-Religion


Learn HTML

Online Tech Courses

Missionary Chapel Library

How To Find Public Domain Books

Missionary Chapel

Free Books




I thought it would further facilitate students who were interested in the works of Andrew Murray, especially on prayer, to go to the Wikipedia site where information about Murray and his works are consolidated. From that site you can find references and avenues to direct you to his other works.

Another avenue is available at this website for accessing most of Murray’s works.

In addition to the information above you may also go to the site below to download to your computer more prayer files by Andrew Murray.

E.M. Bounds, was an American author, attorney, and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South clergy. He is known for writing 11 books, nine of which focused on the subject of prayer. You can learn more about him and find avenues to his books at the Wikipedia address by clicking on his name above.

Prayer is a common subject to almost all men. When searching through the internet you will find information that is not related to Christian praying. Our information is directly pointed to Christian prayers and praying. You may find yourself in a dither and needing some quick inspiration concerning your prayer needs. For this reason the following information is included. At the following site you can find practical help in praying. You will find access to actual prayers, lists of prayers, various kinds of prayers for specific situations. These are only added here to help to stimulate your mind and heart when you find yourself in need.

In my studies for Chaplaincy I met a young Presbyterian who introduced me to John Piper’s website. You will find a multitude of prayer information and helps at John Piper’s site, Desiring God.


Murray — Key to the Missionary Problem — You may find a full text download in several formats by clicking on the term “full text” that is highlighted in this sentence. By utilizing the option located at the right of the page you have the option to read the document in its entirety online. Several other options are given. Some of them require a lengthy download.

Evangelism Explosion was produced by Dr. D. James Kennedy back in the seventies. It was my experience to be trained in this groundbreaking work in that decade. Much has been added since that time. You may access the Evangelism Explosion website by clicking here. All of this information is still practical today.

Dr. Billy Graham’s ministry has kept up with the pace and provided the information at this site for evangelism.

At John Piper’s site there is a river of information concerning evangelism.

Almost all of us know about Rodney Howard-Browne from a few years ago and the revival he was involved with. At his site, you will find a multiplicity of tools and information about soul winning.

I have also included an address where you can go to find a PDF document entitled “Power Evangelism Manual.”


Check out an interesting website for discipleship by clicking here. On our sites page CORE Discipleship you will find some serious information about discipleship.

At this page you will find a Master Plan for discipling converts.

For more serious information about discipleship please check out this following page from CORE Discipleship which will assist you in finding resources. It seemed expedient to add this following page from CORE Discipleship to assist in obtaining resources.

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (Cape Town, 16-25 October 2010) brought together 4,200 evangelical leaders from 198 countries, and extended to hundreds of thousands more, participating in meetings around the world, and online. Its goal? To bring a fresh challenge to the global Church to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching – in every nation, in every sphere of society, and in the realm of ideas.

The Cape Town Commitment is the fruit of this endeavour. It stands in an historic line, building on both The Lausanne Covenant and The Manila Manifesto. It is in two parts. Part I sets out biblical convictions, passed down to us in the scriptures, and Part II sounds the call to action.

View or obtain a copy by clicking here:

Use all you find here to the glory of God!!

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